Mike Norvell Introductory Press Conference

FSU isn’t great at coaching searches. This is their 4th coach in nearly 40 years! A lot of times after a coach is fired, their replacement is essentially the polar opposite of the person who was just let go. I think the administration did a good job of getting someone who had the best qualities that Taggart embodied while also correcting for his unorganized, players-coach style.

An intro press conference doesn’t tell you a lot other than how good of a salesman the new coach is, but he said all of the things you’d want him to say.

I’m really excited to see what sort of staff Norvell puts together and what the next few years look like. 2020 is gonna be rough, but after that I anticipate a turnaround.

How good is UGA’s defense?

I respect what UGA has been able to do defensively this year, but it’s an understatement to say the SEC has been down this year, and UGA has had the fortune of not having to play any of the good teams in the West.  So, how good is the UGA defense, really?  I went through […]

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Hokie Time

The key to this game is going to be the interior run game of both teams. Tech has a history of getting gashed (although, the past 2 games they have done a remarkable job against 2 teams that run the ball quite well), and David WIlson is one of the top backs in the ACC, […]

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Falling into place

If you read this blog, you surely know that Georgia Tech played their most complete game of the year, and in the process beat #5 Clemson 31-17 on Saturday night.  Nobody thought that Clemson was unbeatable, but most thought that the speed and playmaking ability that the Tigers possessed would simply be too much.  For […]

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See you at the crossroads

As Tech enters the toughest stretch of the season, the team is at a bit of a crossroads.  A team that was steamrolling opponents and scoring nearly 50 points per game, completing over 60% of its passes and playing overall average defense has regressed into a team that has scored 21 points each of the […]

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Stats are for losers

I expected Tech to slowly lose potency leading up to the the Clemson game, but I was hoping that they’d be able to pull out big wins at UVA and Miami.  However, if you take a quick glance at the two charts below, you can get an idea of the statistical decline since the Kansas […]

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Florida State 2011 predictions

Last year I predicted FSU would finish in the 11-3 range, and I was close. The big miss was Oklahoma, as I really thought they were ready. They were not. This year is different though. After a few great recruiting classes, the Noles seem poised to step back into the national spotlight. I said this about the […]

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Georgia Tech 2011 predictions

It’s that time again – college football week 1 is upon us. As I tried last year, I try to predict every game. Last year … let’s just say I was a bit off. I predicted a 10-2 record, going to the Gator or CFA bowl. Whoops. The good The defense looks to be much improved […]

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Quick thoughts on GT v. Kansas

What a debacle.  GT got embarrassed on a weekend where they really could have set themselves apart as the ONE good ACC team.  Almost everyone else lost, and obviously Tech did the same in a very disappointing effort in all phases of the game.  I’m going to quickly hit a few things that jumped out at me while watching the game: […]

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Quick thoughts on GT v. SC State game

I already posted my thoughts on the offensive effort so I’ll add a few bullet points about the entire game. Offense Great reads by all 3 QBs that played.  Nesbitt made the cleanest reads and was one step ahead on every run.  Everyone’s already talked about throwing the ball and I was honestly a bit surprised they […]

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