Twitter is shutting down Fleets, its expiring tweets feature

From The Verge:

Twitter’s decision to axe Fleets is not just an admission that the feature didn’t work, but that the company still hasn’t figured out how to get people tweeting more. For years, Twitter has struggled to get new users to post regularly and not just consume other people’s tweets. Fleets was its shot at using Stories, the popular social media format invented by Snapchat and further popularized by Instagram, to lower the pressure around tweeting.

I think a better way to have created auto-expiring Tweets is to simply show them inline with some sort of designation that they are ephemeral. Even better, make expiring Tweets the default and find a way to allow users to “pin” tweets to their timeline.

I currently use Jumbo to auto-delete my Tweets after a few months and would love that feature to be baked in by default.

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams wants developers to come back

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams wants developers to come back:

Williams also suggested that it was time for Twitter to look for new ways to connect with software developers and to take another stab at making Twitter a platform. Twitter  famously went to war with developers several years ago when it restricted developers’ access to the API that allowed developers to grab Twitter data for their own use.

This is a very good thing if it actually comes to pass.  While I like what Twitter has been doing lately with their native iOS app, their Mac and iPad apps are horribly out of date.  I’m a Tweetbot user on the Mac and waffle between Tweetbot and Twitterrific on iOS, but would love to see even more innovation in the Twitter app space.  Right now, developers’ hands are tied.