A shorter version ‘A month with the Nexus 5’

I realize how long that previous post was.  If you want the short version, here are my reasons to stick with Android and the Nexus 5 vs the reasons to switch back to an iPhone when the iPhone 6 comes out.

Reasons to stick with Android

  1. Keyboards are much better – more accurate, offer predictions.  There’s nothing like it on iOS.
  2. The larger screen is a joy to use.
  3. Intents are better than the half-baked url schemes in iOS.
  4. Notifications are better on Android – actionable, you can clear them singularly, and the LED notifications are a nice touch.
  5. Locale and apps like it are game-changers in how they allow you to let the phone manage itself.

Reasons to jump back to iOS

  1. Android is missing key apps (OmniFocus, Tweetbot, etc) that make using the OS always feel a bit hollow.
  2. The hardware isn’t as good as Apple’s. Camera quality, overall build quality and screen quality are unmatched.
  3. Apple ecosystem is more integrated, especially given my ownership of mostly Apple products.
  4. iMessages, warts and all, is a fantasatic way to keep in touch with my world, who almost exclusively use iOS.
  5. Android is too ‘fiddly’. I’m always searching forums for bugs and how to address them, dealing with janky software, and searching for good replacements for apps I loved on iOS.

Ok, now what?

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