A quick Apple Music scorecard

Recently, I posted my wish list of what I’d like to see in Apple Music before the WWDC announcement and while I’m really excited overall, I do still have some questions.  Here’s a few bulleted thoughts based on what we know right now.

Things I’m excited about

  • They nailed the ‘architecture’ question I had. You can mix and match your own tracks with the streaming library, similar to how Google Play Music handles things.
  • It looks like the Beats model of being able to like or dislike any song is intact – I love this model, as you can really train the service to offer up things tailored to your taste.

Things I’m not sure about

  • Are play counts tracked in a way that I can see?
  • What about ratings? It looks like you can ‘heart’ tracks based on this screen grab, but I’m not sure how that applies to the music I own. Are 4/5 stars converted to a heart, 1/2 converted to a heart with a cross through it?
  • Can we make smart playlists at all anymore? Are they only applied to our music?

Can’t wait for 6/30.

Ok, now what?

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