Restarting Safari

I use Safari as my primary browser for privacy, cross platform sync and performance reasons. It’s got it’s problems like any browser but overall I love how simple and fast it is. But man, Apple makes it a pain for us sometimes. A few years ago, Apple made the move to deploying Safari extensions as tiny apps through the Mac App Store which was mainly done for privacy reasons. By controlling what sort of access extensions have and reviewing them as part of the app review process, the likelihood of a rogue extension causing havoc is greatly reduced.

However, by plugging these apps into Safari it has caused an issue where any extension update triggers a dialog asking me to restart my browser. Now, I only use a few extensions (Bear, Instapaper, 1Password and 1Blocker), but it’s enough to show me the dialog once a week or so.

What is this, Windows 98? As far as I know, no other web browser does this as it’s highly disruptive to users. Apple, you can do better.

Ok, now what?

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