WWDC20 still lacks a schedule

With WWDC 2020 just 2 weeks away, I was kind of surprised to check out the developer site today to see the same announcement landing page that we saw a month or so ago. I’m still very curious to see what this year’s virtual conference looks like as I could imagine a hybrid model being used in future years.

Will the keynotes be presented in the same format as it is with live audience members? I think it will be for the same reasons that the Bundesliga and the Premier League are piping in fake crowd noise for their games without fans. People have expectations around how these sorts of things are supposed to look & sound, so Apple will faithfully recreate the event at the Steve Jobs theatre or similar.

For everything else, I’m curious to understand how crowd control works when attendance and the financial outlay that comes with isn’t the limiting factor. From what I’ve read from other bloggers that attend WWDC, the networking angle is quite possibly the most important aspect other than getting 1:1 time with actual Apple engineers.

I’m hopeful that me posting about this will mean Apple releases their schedule today around noon. Let’s see if I can jinx them!

Update 6/11: Schedule posted!

Ok, now what?

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