Holy hell, we actually made it!

After 4 years, the Trump presidency ended in a way that was fairly predictable, even if we didn’t know the specifics of how it’d go down. It’s really heartbreaking to think about what we got ourselves into, but this is what happens when you elect an incompetent conman with a lack of understanding of basic facts. On top of that, he’s proven to be a pathological liar who contributed massively to the political division in this country & helped nuke trust in key institutions. While the vast majority of Americans saw through his act and voted him out, it’s really sad to see how he’s dragged some of my family and friends deeper into the far-right cesspool.

Worst of all, we just crossed 400k deaths from COVID-19 and we all witnessed Trump’s lack of interest in doing the hard work of leading us during this awful period.

But hey, at least we got our tax cuts (that are going to start expiring this year), a partially completed “wall” that Mexico definitely is going to pay for any minute now, and a few far-right Supreme Court picks.

I’m not sure of what exactly can be done in this political climate, but I am hopeful that Biden is the right person to take the temperature down a bit and work on getting the country back on track. Some of his early cabinet picks aren’t as left as I’d personally like but I’m okay with centrist appointees who can find common ground with Congress and get to work. The Senate in particular has been on ice for years, passing nearly no new legislation to help make our lives better. There’s so much that we all can agree on, we just need someone to work to bring us together instead of sow division for political gain.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about having competent leadership again.

Ok, now what?

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