WWDC 2021 Wishlist

It’s that time again! Thought I’d throw a quick list together of the top things I wish Apple would do in next software versions at this year’s WWDC. Kind of a grab bag, but thought I’d put a flag in the ground now.

  1. Make entire play history available in Apple Music, not just library tracks. I want to leverage Last.fm or PlayTally but it can be a challenge to get an inclusive list of all of the songs I’ve played across the devices I use.
  2. Allow users to have more control over blocking images in email. For example, people in my contacts should be exempt.
  3. Allow 3rd party rendering engines. I want to see Chrome and Firefox push Apple to make Safari better.
  4. Allow content blockers to work across any webview.
  5. Improve notifications by adding a notification history, easier actions and smarter prioritization. Clearing a notification should clear the badge.
  6. Find a way to “fix” spam texts and calls. It’s become really bad in the past year and I feel like Apple isn’t even trying here.
  7. Always on Lock Screen like the Google Pixel phones. This should be possible, right?
  8. Allow widgets to do some simple actions like play/pause of audio.
  9. Allow apps to integrate with control center. Could you imagine all of the amazing Shortcuts and app actions you could see there if Apple provided an API for it?
  10. “Tracker blocker” API similar to content blockers. We should have something like little snitch for iOS.
  11. Better tab persistence on iPadOS. So much RAM, and tabs just feel flimsy.
  12. Better multitasking on iPadOS. Video + other apps is a mess and so is the current “buddy system” of multiple iPadOS apps.
  13. External monitor support on iPadOS. Like, REAL external support.
  14. Make use of the “status bar” on iPadOS. Notification icons? Menubar options?
  15. Global keyboard shortcuts – preferably user-configurable. I’d love to wire up Shortcuts to keyboard commands.
  16. More control over widgets – I want to use them in the Lock Screen, all over the place in iPadOS, etc.
  17. Make a better Lock Screen that rolls in notification updates as well as possibly widgets. See above.
  18. Siri should handle commands without an internet connection when possible (timers, audio playback, etc). This is so obnoxious when in low-connectivity areas.
  19. More robust Shortcuts actions for media playback at home. I’d love a shortcut that could adjust my home speakers volume to a set level and play a playlist on all of the speakers.
  20. Timers set on one HomePod should be controllable from any HomePod as well as notify all HomePods if the timer isn’t turned off at the source.
  21. Have some standards around Catalyst apps that make them feel like Mac apps. Keyboard shortcuts, basic Mac conventions. I might as well use an Electron app if the current crop of apps is the best we can expect.
  22. Allow users to allow any trigger to start any Shortcut. No more notifications or prompts for “power users”.
  23. Siri needs “continued conversations” on all platforms like Alexa and Assistant.
  24. Similarly, Siri needs to be able to combine commands “turn on the lights AND set a timer for 30 minutes”.
  25. Allow users to hide the tabs for Apple services they aren’t interested in. I don’t begrudge them for pushing the stuff but if I don’t want it, they should respect that and allow me to hide the tabs.
  26. PIP for all tvOS apps.
  27. A fully liberated from iOS Apple Watch (even if some functions wouldn’t work as well).
  28. A redesigned Home app that’s a bit more useful. Better automations, easier to navigate and more information dense.
  29. Overall, can we move away from 3-dot menus for everything?
  30. Key repeat settings for iPadOS. I hate how long it takes to backspace through things.

Ok, now what?

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