WWDC 2023 Wishlist

A few things I hope to see this year at WWDC:

  • A general theme on speed and reliability at the OS and app level. Especially Mail and Music.
  • iPadOS battery management (charge to 80% and hold)
  • Siri audiobook integration. My kids have Alexa devices in their rooms and I’d love to upgrade them to HomePod Minis but they are big audiobook listeners.
  • 4-box for everything on Apple TV, not just blessed MLS or other sports content
  • Shared playlists on Apple Music. Shocking this still isn’t a thing.
  • Shortcuts on the Lock Screen
  • Interactive widgets
  • Selective sync on iCloud Drive. I don’t want to sync everything in iCloud to my work computer, but I also don’t want to turn it off completely.
  • Extensions for 3rd party browsers. I’d love to be able to use ad blockers and 1Password in other iOS browsers.
  • Spotlight “extensions” that allow developers to build functionality into it.
  • Show link previews for SMS messages without having to tap on the link first.

I’m indifferent on all of the VR stuff. I think it’ll be exciting but also something I know I won’t buy or use for a long time.

Ok, now what?

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