Album that represents a year of my life

I was recently thinking about what albums “defined” years of my life and quickly came up with the following list.

Doesn’t mean it was even the best album of that year (or that it even came out that year). What it does mean is that’s the album that reminds me of a certain year of my life. Some embarrassing ones, but mostly fairly expected stuff.

1993: Nevermind
1994: Siamese Dream
1995: Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness
1996: Energy/Somery
1997: Everything Sucks
1998: Stranger than Fiction
1999: Things Fall Apart
2000: Reflection Eternal
2001: 2001
2002: OK Computer
2003: Figure 8/Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
2004: The Moon & Antarctica
2005: In Motion
2006: Frances the Mute
2007: Wincing the Night Away
2008: Vampire Weekend
2009: Noble Beast
2010: The Suburbs
2011: Little Hell
2012: SBTRKT
2013: Because the Internet

Ok, now what?

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