Holiday Movie Power Rankings

I don’t have as much time to watch movies as I once did, but when I was younger the holiday season was filled with tons of Christmas movies that you could only watch for about one month a year. Whenever you turned on the TV you’d catch at least some holiday special or Christmas classic on the air and it’s just another part of the holiday season that I love so much. There’s a pretty short list of movies that I look forward to watching ever year, and do my best to watch all of these every year as I gear up for St. Nick’s visit.

10. White Christmas
A sentimental favorite at best. This movie is corny but it reminds me of my childhood and has all of the classic cheeseball 50s Christmas tunes we all know (and sometimes love).

9. Bad Santa
Nice to throw in a raunchy movie to the mix, and this movie is obviously that. Once the initial “oh my god it’s Christmas season” excitement wears off and you want to watch something a bit less corny, this movie does the trick in spades.

8. It’s a Wonderful Life
Another sentimental favorite, this is the sort of thing I like to watch on Christmas Eve before going to sleep.

7. Scrooged
I love Bill Murray, even in below-average movies.

6. Home Alone
A childhood favorite that has held up ok over time.

5. Die Hard
Obviously not thought of when one is listing out Christmas movies, but it’s hard to pass up this classic, and it’s a nice break from the standard Christmas movie rotation.

4. Elf
An instant classic. I tend to watch this on Thanksgiving night after everyone has gone home. Will Ferrell at his loud and ridiculous finest.

3. A Christmas Story
Obviously, you can’t escape this movie even if you wanted to. Still, Christmas Eve and day are always filled with this fantastic movie.

2. Planes Trains and Automobiles
I love watching this movie on Thanksgiving day or before. There aren’t many Thanksgiving movies that I’m aware of so this one kind of wins by default – but it doesn’t hurt that it’s a fantastic movie after all these years.

1. Christmas Vacation
Unbeatable. Some of my favorite holiday movies hold up regardless of season, and this is no exception.

Honorable Mentions:
Trading Places, Lethal Weapon, Gremlins, Nightmare Before Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street

Ok, now what?

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