Spotify is perfect except…

I love what Spotify has become over the past year or two. I was a Rdio user but saw the light last summer and haven’t looked back. The app is fast and easy to use on every platform, the remote control functionality is great, and I love the way notifications and shared playlists work.

However, the one thing that keeps eating at me is the answer to that “what should I listen to right now?” question. Beats music does this so well with their ‘Just For You’ section. When you load the app up, a list of playlists and albums are presented to you based on your preferences, listening history and music collection. Every time I fire up Beats, I almost immediately am intrigued by at least one suggestion.

However, there are way too many other flaws with Beats to have me in a spot where I’d want to switch full time, sadly. Notably, the lack of these features:

  • Queue albums, songs or playlists
  • Desktop app
  • Remote control
  • Notification of new albums for artists I follow
  • Global history
  • Ability to view all ‘loved’ tracks
  • Duplicate detection when adding to a playlist

That’s a pretty long list. So, I think it’d be way more likely for Spotify to further tweak their ‘Browse’ section to mimic more what we see from Beats currently. I’ll be interested to see what Apple does with their rumored refresh this summer of the Beats/iTunes product line, but for now Spotify is the king … although I still struggle to know what to listen to.

Ok, now what?

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