Switching to the 6 plus

I wasn’t aware that a lot of prominent bloggers were apparently going through the same experience that I was.




I decided some time ago that while I really like the 6, I wanted to try the 6 plus to see if the larger screen and battery life improvement were worth the trade off of a larger screen. So far, they mostly are. It took me about 2 days to not constantly feel the phone in my pocket but ever since the only real issue has been those few occasions where I’m unable to use the phone one-handed.

The battery life claims people make are for real – I’m seeing a good 1-2 hour improvement in normal daily use, which is the difference between me being close to 30% battery left at the end of the day to the point where I have a good 50%+ remaining now.

A couple of notes:

  • I moved a lot of icons around to optimize for parts of the screen that are mostly always reachable with one hand. The bottom two rows are premium space now.
  • The lock screen is always ‘zoomed’ no matter how you set things up otherwise.
  • I appreciate apps that use ’sloppy swiping’ and put icons for commonly used tasks on the bottom of the screen way more now.
  • The vibrate function and speakers both seem to be way better.
  • I hope iOS9 and app devs further optimize their apps for the 6 plus.

Overall I’m happy I made the switch. It’s not perfect but I think the things you gain by going to the 6 plus outweigh the cons by a long shot

Ok, now what?

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